September 24, 2020
These 33 Jobs Will Help Teens Make Money When School’s Out For Summer

Best Summer Jobs For College Students

Getting a job during the summer, when schools remain closed, is an excellent opportunity for you to earn money and maintain your independence. Summer jobs can help you to earn money online, pay college fees, and gain hands-on experience for a lucrative career. At the same time, it offers opportunities that are not available during school time.

I liked most of my summer jobs because each of them brought me a different experience and helped me to teach myself.

The available jobs and pay rate may vary depending on your place of residence, age, and several other factors. Sometimes child labor laws can be a barrier to your profile. So, check the specific youth and labor laws before opting for a particular job in your area.

Highest Paying Summer Jobs For College Students:-

Here’s a list of 33 amazing jobs which can help you in earning extra cash during summers and boost your confidence for a future career:

Camp Counselor:

Are you good at leadership? For teens who are good leaders and educators, a summer job as a camp counselor is going to be a perfect option for them. This work will empower older teens to spend time outdoors, look after small children, and help them develop new skills such as arts, crafts, or games.

There are plenty of summer camps running all over the country with almost every activity imaginable, so it’s a high chance that you will find the right camp for your interests. A background check will likely be required before hiring, and getting the CPR certificate will help you in getting the job easily.

Besides being paid and spending a lot of time outdoors, you will develop exceptional skills that will last with you for a lifetime, such as Leadership skills, communication and development skills, Dispute resolution skills, and more.

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You can find this work through word of mouth, social networks like Facebook, Craigslist, or your local YMCA, community organizations, and churches. The average salary as a camp counselor is $ 9.41 per hour.

Golf Caddy:

How exciting it will be to get your first job on a golf course. If you’re already a golfer, golf caddy can be a great option for your summer job. This work is not only simple enough, but it also provides the opportunity to connect with minded people who can help you later in life, whether you are attending university or looking for a job.

Golf caddies usually receive payment for carrying the bag and can earn about $ 100 to $ 120 a day. Caddies are typically used in exclusive clubs and often receive a tip of 50% of their daily duties.

Golf Caddy

Depending on the course, this can be a good sum for a few hours of work. To be a cadet, you need to understand the game of golf and the terrain you are working on, as well as the ability to stand or walk for a long time.


As a babysitter, your job will be to see the babies or children while their parents are not around. Being a regular babysitter of a family can often put a lot of money into your bank account as many parents need full-time childcare because their children are too young to go to school.

A good babysitter is hard to find, a friend of mine with two small children pay their babysitter $ 15 an hour. This is not a bad reward for a part-time summer job. To get a job as a nanny, you just need to post your services on, or locally on Craigslist or Facebook. Parents may be willing to pay you more if you have completed a CPR training and a safe safety course. The average pay for babysitters is usually $10.25 an hour.

Pool Cleaner:

Pool Cleaning is another great option for working outdoors during the summers. Removing dirt from swimming pools so that people can enjoy their swims is not an easy task, despite how it looks on television. Pool cleaners not only responsible for cleaning the pool, but they also change filters, maintain pH, and more.

How to get Pool Cleaner Job

It’s likely a tough job, but everyone needs to have their pool cleaned in the summer and you may not face any problems finding customers or an employer. To get started, you just need to look for companies that hire pool cleaners, as you require special training in dealing with the chemicals involved before getting into it.

The payment rate varies from minimum wage to higher, depending on your location and your customers. The average salary for a pool cleaner is $ 16 per hour.

Retail Salesperson:

Retail is one of the most diverse job opportunities for teens looking for a job. Depending on the job, this type of work can land you between $ 10.50 and $ 13 per hour. Inventory management, store shelves, product demonstrations, sample delivery in the grocery store, customer service and cash management are the primary task for the retailers.

This type of job often requires weekends, nights and vacations and a lot of interaction with customers. The exclusive perks of these types of jobs are that they give a good discount for the employees.

Career-Oriented Internships:

Internships give you an amazing opportunity to try on a potential career choice. They provide you initial opportunity to obtain industrial experience. You get an experience certificate after completion which will look great on your resume and even help you with your future jobs.

Career Oriented Internships

While career choice remains the most difficult factor for most of the students after high school or college, summer jobs can be the perfect opportunity to try a job that you like and pursue as a career.

The salary may not be high, but the experience you get will be invaluable. There are many ways to find an internship that you are looking for. You can ask your education consultant for help, call the companies you are interested in working or you can visit websites like, which focuses exclusively on internships.

Food Service Worker:

A job in the foodservice industry is another great option for teens who enjoy interacting with the public. You get an incredible opportunity to develop your social skills while earning an income. With this work, you will get to learn teamwork, how to follow instructions, and how to resolve conflicts.

For teenagers, there are always a handful of jobs available in the restaurant. Even small towns usually have a bunch of small restaurants. The key tasks include transit window work, cleaning, cooking, meal preparation, etc. This job also has the potential for high profits, as jobs in the foodservice sector typically have an hourly wage of around $ 9 or $ 10 per hour.


For many of us, the summer holidays are reserved for vacations, but many students or children use their summer holidays to complete their course or improve their studies. If you are well versed in a particular topic, you can start offering your services as a tutor. 

Tutor Jobs

You will find tutors for almost every topic, from arithmetic to advanced mathematics to spoken English. Almost all subjects remain in demand, but math, science, and English are generally the biggest concern for most of the students. The average salary of a tutor is $ 17.51 per hour.

In this job, you will not only earn a lot of money, but you also get a good experience expanding your academic applications, with the freedom to set your timings.

Nursery Worker:

This job is great for teens who love to be in the shade of nature. Nursery workers are like caring parents for plants who do not mind getting their hands dirty for their plants to thrive. Lifting, digging, cutting, shoveling, pruning and planting are all part of the business. 

Typical tasks in this job are to take care of plants, setting up displays, the loading of supplies into the vehicles, recycling dead plants, etc. This work requires heavy-duty as well as good customer service skills. The average salary as an outdoor nursery worker is $ 14 per hour.


Lifeguards are doing incredibly hard work day in and day out as this job comes with great responsibility. They appreciate their work because people get to work in the outdoors, often with their friends, in a fun-living environment.

Lifeguard Duty

The completion of certification courses is necessary to save lives. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation and lifeguard training are essential in this context. You need to be over 15 to get this job because you never know when an accident could happen in the sea.

This work requires a high degree of maturity and professionalism, but it is a rewarding task that can help teenagers develop their skills and confidence in decision making. The average salary for a lifeguard is $ 9.60 per hour.

Movie Theater Employee:

Yes, this is the most loved job among the teens as it comes with many perks. The salary is not only higher than the minimum wage, but you get to watch many free movies.

On hot summer days, you can take advantage of air conditioning and earn without sweat or pressure. Theater staff needs to do all sorts of work, from buying tickets to serving popcorn to customers. The main advantage, however, is that most theaters offer their staff the opportunity to watch movies for free or at a very discounted price.

The average salary for a movie theater employee is $ 11 per hour. 

Agricultural Work:

In the summer months, it is a good option to work as an agriculture worker. Depending on the crops in your area, you can find all kinds of farming and harvesting opportunities. 

Agricultural workers take care of the harvest and the cattle. In this job, you will find yourself picking apples or even cutting corn at times. This job demands heavy-duty as you are required to do physical labor and operate machines under the supervision of farmers, ranchers, and other agricultural administrators. You can earn about $ 11.84 an hour with this job.


Although teenagers often struggle to keep their rooms clean, few of them do a good job of cleaning. Usually, summer is the time when homeowners carry out the construction work, be it mowing the lawn, painting fences or opening new roads. You can find these jobs through recommendations, chances are that your neighbors or friends of your parents may hire you.

Housekeeper pay per hour

Besides, the tourism sector experiences a heavy rush during the summer. As a result, hotels often need reliable cleaning staff, while shopping malls and parks often need staff to keep public spaces clean and organized. The average salary as a cleaner is $ 11.11 per hour.

Automobile Cleaner:

Everyone has to wash their cars. Why not just go to the customer doorsteps and ask them for work? Their cars stay there all day. It is, therefore, the perfect option for teens during summers to offer their services to them. This job not only saves your time, but you will also have your own business for which you set your schedules and fares.

Tasks include driving in places, working with chemicals and detergents, and above all understanding that a customer is confident that you will take care of your precious vehicle. It is not the responsibility to take it lightly, and professionalism is the key if you want to succeed as an Automobile cleaner.

You can earn between $ 8.61 per hour and $ 11.94 per hour, depending on your workload.


Whether you work with a landscaping company or considering gardening or lawn care through own, this seasonal job is a great choice for teenagers who enjoy spending time outdoors for new experiences. Since many people do not have the time to look after their gardens, this work is usually in great demand during the summer months.

Gardener job duty

The main task involves mowing the grass, removing the weeds, and do what is necessary to keep the garden clean. You can also plant shrubs and plan gardens if you understand enough about plants or if you have the experience of botany sector. In this job, you expect an hourly rate of $ 14.99.

Newspaper Delivery Person:

The distribution of newspapers is one of the most common ways to earn money. For many teenagers, this is the first job since Schwinn started manufacturing bicycles.

Paper delivery can be a daunting task, and once you have been assigned a route, you must have a clean driver’s license and bike insurance. However, this job has minimal working time and you normally finish your work by 6 am and the rest of the day you can enjoy your summer vacation.

Those who distribute newspapers earn on average $ 11.48 per hour.

Selling Computer Skills:

Technology is changing the way we do everything now, and this transformation gave birth to immense career opportunities for technology experts. Depending on your level of experience, you may find work as an online programmer, independent website developer, application developer, or graphics designer.

You can also set up your own computer repair company or create a web tutorial and teach others by getting paid on platforms like Skillshare and Udemy.

For example, if you are good at some sort of computer skills, you can try platforms like Upwork and Fiverr. There are plenty of job opportunities for people like you who are well versed in Web development, logo design, voice-over, translation, SEO, virtual assistant and more.

Freelance Writer:

If you’re great at writing web content or blog posts, an independent career as an author can be your vocation for this summer and possibly beyond. Many markets offer teenagers the opportunity to publish articles, personal essays, and other writings and sell them to online magazines and news sites.

Visit the websites which offer paid submission and follow their contribution guidelines.

Freelance Writer

To get started, first you need to have a Paypal account as you get most transactions from overseas. You can also leverage the marketing platform ‘LinkedIn’ where more than 500 million marketers are actively registered. There are hundreds of freelance writing jobs available there.

Just contact them and submit your sample writings and you will probably land a high paying freelance writing jobs. 

Sell Crafts:

If you want to turn your hobby into a profitable business, you can make money selling online home-made products and crafts. People all over the world love handmade craftsmanship and unique products.

On the Internet, craftsmen create their online stores to sell their handmade items. They make a lot of money by doing so. So what are you waiting for, if you have the crafting talent, you can too start and make extra money by selling it easily on Etsy?

It is a website for those who make and sell handicrafts. Enjoy the sale of handicrafts and handmade items this summer.


Earn money as a Dogwalker this summer. As we know, summer is the holiday season, many people take breaks from their hectic schedules and go to their favorite destinations. But what about their pets? Here your role comes into play, take care of the animals that have to stay at home while the family is on vacation.


Caring for pets is a very important task and you are entrusted with caring for the animals as if they were yours. Experience with dogs, cats, and other pets is essential to this work.

You can find customers by advertising in your neighborhood and the surrounding neighborhoods or you can post your pet sitting services on The average groom’s salary is $ 13.17 per hour.

Referee/ Umpire:

Referees, umpires and other sports officials are hired for sports competitions to maintain the dignity of the sport. They recognize violations and make decisions according to the rules of the game and fine for penalties.

Each state and sports federation has its own set of requirements for the approval of referees, umpires and other sports officials. Some states do not require formal education, while other sports officers require a high school diploma.

Local youth leisure and local playgrounds often hire teens as referees. In this job, Referees are usually paid daily and for each play. The average salary of a referee is $ 17 per hour. This could be a great way to make quick money for teens in the summer.

T-Shirt Designer:

A T-shirt pattern can be anything: a text, a message, a graphic, etc. T-shirt designs also include elements such as typography, color, style, etc. in harmonized proportions. 

T-Shirt Designer

Are you gifted with art and design talent? You can turn your ideas into T-shirts with print-on-demand services without owning a physical store. You can start your Typography services online in just a few clicks, online sites like Fiverr and Upwork have 1000s of customers who are looking for this service daily.

If you are well skilled in designing patterns and sketches for T-shirts. You can earn anywhere between $5- $50 per design. This is a great part-time income opportunity for teens.

Swimming Instructor:

Do you have swimming skills and would like to teach? Help children to improve their butterfly strokes, or just overcome their fear of putting their heads in the water.

The primary role of a swimming instructor will be to teach and train people of all ages, as well as to develop their swimming abilities, technique, and trust in the water.

Becoming a swimming instructor could be your ideal summer job. You can work in a local leisure center or a local swimming pool complex. The average salary of a swimming instructor is $ 11.86 per hour.


Get a cashier job this summer and earn at least $ 10 an hour. Easy cashier jobs for teens can be a grocery store or a retail store. The average salary for a cashier is $ 9.35 per hour. To become a cashier, you need to learn and use a cash register.

The primary responsibility of a cashier is to accept payments and issue receipts, package gifts, and track all cash and credit transactions. To succeed in this role, you must have experience in customer service and a good knowledge of the operation of cash registers.

Event Photographer:

If you like taking pictures, you can start your part-time event photography business during summers. This can be for a photo studio or an independent photographer. Your primary role includes working with clients, preparing photo shoots, etc.

Event Photographer

I’m not talking about establishing yourself as a wedding photographer. People like to be photographed at small events such as family reunions or birthdays, or charity events.

If you know the events of this nature happening in your area, you can offer them your services as a photographer. You can charge a flat fee for attending the event, such as $30-40. But this is an easy job and you will probably get free food as an added reward. The average payment per photo of an event is $ 16.09 per hour.


If you have experience with transcribing audio or video files into a well-written text. You can start offering your transcription services online this summer. As a general transcriptionist, you will be asked to listen to the audio files and write what you hear.

In addition to a computer and a high-speed broadband Internet connection, you may need a pedal to control audio playback. This is a time taking job but the payout for this is quite decent.

You can find work in companies or ask your parents if they know someone who needs a transcript. Like in freelance writing, you can also apply in Upwork and Fiverr to get regular tasks.

Mover Job:

If you can lift heavy objects, you can earn some good money as a mover during your summer vacation. You can start your own if you have access to a truck, or you can just approach a moving company. The average salary for a move is approximately $ 13.42 per hour. Make sure that you apply the correct lifting techniques at an early age to avoid injury. Your old self will thank you later.

The main task of a mover company is to load household goods or office equipment on trucks, transport them to a new location and then unload them safely. You also have to keep stocks of the items that guide them. As a teenager, you can apply directly to the mover companies listed on craigslist or to local newspapers.


Do you know when and how commas are used? Can you quickly identify misspelled words or grammatical errors? To start with this, you can look for content marketing firms hiring young people, or find a lecturer who needs a lot of documents to review.

Proofreader Pay per hour

Proofreading is the process that follows the editing phase. Proofreader duties are to make sure that grammar, spelling, and all the little details are adjusted before the content gets published.

TextMaster is a website that you can use to make money. Just register and there are plenty of tasks assigned for review. Payments will be sent via PayPal or Payoneer, which may result in a guardian registering on your behalf. The payment varies considerably and depends largely on the experience you pursue.

Session Musician:

If you are trained in playing a musical instrument, especially for an instrument that is suitable for performers, you can work as a session musician. Session musicians are those who play in a band but are not necessarily part of the band.

One of the easiest ways to get your name across is to communicate with the people you already know. Get your best business cards and distribute them so that people know you are available for work or you can put yourself on craigslist and start offering services. Mention, which instruments do you play? Why should someone hire you?

Or as simple as that, if you go to a studio to record your music, let others know that you are available for rent. Here you are paid per concert.

Amusement Park Worker:

How exciting it will be to earn money while enjoying, an amusement park provides you an amazing opportunity to earn and enjoy this summer. Jobs in amusement parks include retailing of gift items, catering services, cleaning staff, cleaning play spaces, and build the center of attraction. The average salary for Theme Park Worker is $ 13 per hour.

Amusement Park Worker pay

Amusement parks often prefer to hire teenagers. This is because you naturally adapt to the usual customers as they are mostly teenagers. There can also be an added benefits working here as some parks offer season passes.

You can also try your hands on a trampoline park. Tasks in a trampoline park may include check-out and check-in, cleaning and disinfecting, as well as a floor/field monitor and holiday accommodation.

Tour Guide:

If you know your town inside out, you can enjoy your summer being a tour guide. Being a travel guide, you get lots of perks which include travel opportunities, meeting new people, paid board and meals on long tours, free lunch or dinner on day tours, days off, and more.

A rookie tour guide or untrained tourism director earns between $ 8 and $ 15 per hour, depending on the nature of the trip. And receives a free trip somewhere in the day. The most veteran guides earn between $ 20 and $ 25 per hour. After 8 hours an additional payment is offered to them.


Start working as a receptionist this summer if you are well versed in communication skills. Answer and make phone calls, and greet people as they enter the building. The receptionist is the first person to see or talk to customers during business operations. 

Being a receptionist has many advantages. As a receptionist, for example, you will enhance your valuable customer relationship, multitasking, and time management skills. It also wins the competition in all business practices and procedures, including scheduling meetings and appointments, as well as administrative work. Receptionists typically earn around $ 14.01 per hour.

Book Reseller:

There comes a time in every student’s life where they need to accept some hard truths that not every book they’ve used should remain their treasure forever. If you are looking to earn handsome money this summer without putting too much effort. Then you can start your book reselling service.

If you are in college, by selling your previous textbooks for class 10th or 12th. you can make a lot of money. You can list them on the sites like BookScouter or Amazon Textbook Buyback. If you do not have textbooks for sale, start locally by searching bookstores that keep old books. You can offer them a part of the profit by selling their old books online.


Working during the summer holidays are now becoming crazy among students. If you want to make the most of your summer vacation focus on your interests and life goals and try to find a job that suits your interest. In this way, you will not only enjoy your summer vacation also earn for your future endeavors. 

What summer job would you recommend for high school students? Let me know in the comments section below.


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