November 30, 2021

Top 11 Most Expensive Beanie Babies

Beanie Babies were one of the most popular collectibles during the ‘90s. These much adored “soft toys” were once very popular gift items, and you could find them everywhere, ranging from museums, souvenir shops to theme parks. Even today, Beanie Babies are not just soft toys for the people who collect them. 

These stuffed animals were a frenzy back in the ‘90s and are still very popular, considering some of them are very valuable in today’s time. Some of the Beanie Babies are surprisingly expensive and rare in today’s time and go way beyond the value of an ordinary $10 stuffed toy. Some of these toys may be currently valued at over thousands of dollars, and the best part about it is that you may have one or two of them without even knowing. 

These stuffed toys come with plastic pellets instead of traditional stuffing (PE and PVC), making them extraordinarily flexible. The toys are manufactured by Ty Warner Inc. (now known as Ty Inc.) Now, if you think you may have one of these valuable stuffed toys with you, then here is a list of the most expensive beanie babies in today’s time.

Check out the list to find out if you have something worth thousands of dollars stored in your basement. And, if you are a collector, then this list of the most expensive beanie babies is surely worth checking out. It will give you a fair idea about what you need to get in your collection. 

11 Most Expensive Beanie Babies Right Now

There is no real standard or metrics to value the worth of beanie babies in today’s time. Although, that does not mean that these collectibles of today’s time cannot be classified according to their value. In this list, we have put up the 11 most expensive beanie babies in 2021. If you browse the Internet, you may find varying prices for these stuffed toys from various sources, but what’s common is that these are the most valuable ones out there right now! Check them out.

1. Halo, the Bear

Halo, the Bear

Value: $12,000 approximately 

According to what people say and believes, Halo was a bear in the likeness of an angel. She was born on August 31, 1998, and was released one month after that. Halo’s poem depicts her as a guardian angel who watches over you from above.

That being said, the iridescent fabric needed to create Halo made it one of the most expensive stuffed toys. Quite naturally, it has sold for thousands of dollars in recent times, thanks to the expensive fabric and unique appearance. 

2. The End the Bear

The End the Bear

Value: $14,000 approximately 

After Ty Inc. announced that they ended their Beanie Babies line, they released The End, the Bear as the last product of their Beanie Baby line. This bear was a black one with the words “The End” stitched onto the chest. This engraving came with embroidered fireworks around it. The End the Bear was retired in December 1999, and it was meant to be the last Beanie Baby produced by Ty Inc.

Later on, a worldwide protest led the toy company to restart the production of Beanie Babies the next year. Ty Inc. came up with a New Year’s bear in 2000, and it was named “The Beginning.” The End is pretty often sold with The Beginning as a complete set. Although, even without the Beginning, a buyer offered $14,000 for The End, the bear.

3. Hippity the Rabbit

Hippity the Rabbit

Value: $20,000 approximately 

Hippity, the Rabbit, is a very popular Beanie Baby. This one is an adorable mint green rabbit with pink whiskers and an emerald-coloured ribbon tied around the neck. While most of these rabbits generally sell for $100 and around, one had a missing period after the ‘C’ in PVC sold for almost $20,000 in April 2021.

This sale could have had two reasons: the high value and the rarity of this toy with the mentioned error. The second possibility could be that the buyer was motivated by the charity as 10% of the proceeds from the sale would go to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

4. Curly the Bear

Curly the Bear

Value: $9,500 approximately

Another top name on the list of the most expensive beanie babies is Curly. This one is a brown bear that has a dark red ribbon around his neck. Curly the Bear is so expensive is surprising as it is one of the most common bears, often given away at pro sporting events by the thousands during the late ’90s.

Even after that, Curly ranked as the third top-selling bear in all retired Beanie Babies on eBay. One buyer offered a whopping $9,500 for Curly.

5. Mystic the Unicorn

Mystic the Unicorn

Value: $9,861 approximately 

According to tales, Mystic, the Unicorn, was born on May 21, 1994. She is known for the very popular “magic in her blue eyes.” Mystic features an iridescent horn along with a coarse yarn mane and also comes with several tag errors, which may have further contributed to its steep price offered by buyers.

6. Derby, the Horse

Value: $20,000 approximately 

Derby the Horse has four versions. The original one had the fine yarn for the mane and tail. Other versions included a fluffy mane and two with the coarse yarn used in the mane and the tail. These two versions could only be differentiated by the absence or presence of a white patch, or star sign, on its forehead.

Derby, the Horse, was also one of the most common of the Beanie Babies. The coarse mane with a star that supposedly had errors turned out to be unique. Buyers have offered as much as $20,000 for this one.

7. Princess the Bear + Digital Art

Princess the Bear

Value: $25,000 approximately 

Princess the Bear is very popular and also one of the most beloved Beanie Babies around. This love and popularity are because of a story associated with it. This purple coloured plushie came out in a limited edition in October 1997 as a commemoration of the death of the late princess. The proceeds of the sale were to go to Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund.

With time, Princess the Bear got so popular that Ty Inc. considered manufacturing more of these bears. While some versions of Princess the bear sometimes sell for a few thousand, a special one came with digital art in the form of an NFT.

8. Steg, the Stegosaurus

Steg, the Stegosaurus

Value: $40,000 approximately 

Steg, the adorable dinosaur, tops the list at $50,000. It was born on November 1, 1994, and was released on June 3, 1995. Steg came with two other dinosaurs, namely Bronty and Rex.

Steg, being highly valued amongst collectors, is also frequently counterfeited. However, Beanie Babies’ collectors know that Steg came in shades of brown with green and yellow hues. Steg also has the copyright year 1995 on its tush tag.

9. Pinchers the Lobster

Pinchers the Lobster

Value: $10,000 approximately 

The greatest predicament which made this one a highly valued item is that it was originally released as “Punchers.” Collectors highly demand the version that has the “Punchers” tag. “Pinchers” also supposedly features a tag error that made a buyer place a lone bid of $10,000 for it. While that was perhaps an error, Pinchers is one of the original nine Beanie Babies, which also goes for its steep value in the modern collectors’ market.

10. Valentina, the Bear

Valentina, the Bear

Value: $11,111 approximately 

As the name suggests, Valentina was born on Valentine’s Day, 1998. The seller had claimed that there were errors on the tag of this bear. Although, without very extensive and in-depth expertise and knowledge, the errors are hard to tell. Nonetheless, buyers offered prices just over $11,000 for Valentina.

11. Nana the Monkey 

Nana the Monkey

Value: $4,500 approximately 

Last but not least, we have Nana, the Monkey, on the list. This beanie baby was released back in 1995 and retired pretty quickly. This was because Ty Inc. decided to change the name of this one and release it as “Bongo the Monkey”.

While Nana is pretty rare, the original version can be identified by the tush tag, which has the word “Nana” printed and does not come with a poem.

Final Thoughts

It is not unnatural to find a box of Beanie Babies and think of selling them. Although, what you need to know and consider is that there is no fixed price for one and the price is more often determined by what the buyer offers rather than what the seller asks for. There is no indicator of the true value of such items. As it is said, “A collector’s item is only worth what someone will pay, not what the seller asks.” 

With this list, you come to know about some of the most expensive ones in the market, so if you have some Beanie Babies to sell, do some research, check out some rare examples and tally the consistent sales in the same price range before you accept an offer.

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