November 30, 2021

Is the Money Worth Being an Uber Eats Driver?

On-demand fast food delivery services have been blowing up for the past couple of years. This blog review will cover everything concerning being a driver for Uber Eats and whether it is worth the effort and time.

It will cover several aspects, such as how much an Uber driver makes on average and how they can make more. It would also discuss the functionalities of the platform.

How Does it Feel to be an UberEats Driver ?

ubereats driver

An UberEats driving job is an excellent way of passive income. Signing up for the job is a seamless process, and the app provides step by step guidance on how to pick up and deliver orders in respective addresses.

There is no need to schedule the job in advance, and Uber offers multiple surges and boosts to help drivers earn more.

One thing to note here is, Uber driving is not the highest passive earning source. This does not necessarily have to be a downside of being a driver as long as your expectations are clear. Now, how much exactly does an Uber driver make on average? Let’s jump into it right away!

Average Pay of an Uber Eats Driver

Uber Eats drivers receive payment per delivery instead of flat hourly wage. There is no transparency in making Driver’s payment as it depends on numerous aspects together with the market where the driver is delivering. However, Uber Eats does have a straightforward formula when it comes to paying their drivers.

Average Income Per Delivery = Base Pay Per Delivery + Supplement + Tips + Advancements

Now let’s understand how each of the factors contributes to the average pay of an Uber Eats Driver

  • Base Pay: Base pay depends on variable factors such as timing, market, distance, pick and drop off. Delivering for a busy restaurant would pay higher base pay than the rest.
  • Promotions: Boosts and surges are an excellent source of increasing driver’s income per delivery. The rate surge or boost rate indicated in the app can be seen by the driver when he is on his way to delivery. If there is more than the promotions, it will also be revealed in the app itself.
  • Supplement: This is a new addition to the existing tips and bonuses to give higher earning opportunities to all the drivers.

Before picking up the order, there will be a guaranteed minimum amount he will be entitled to. Once the delivery is made, the driver can see the total income earned, including tips, advancements, supplements, and base pay.

Drivers are entitled to keep 100% of the tips upon successful delivery of the order.

Per hour, an Uber Eats driver can expect to make around $8 to $12. The rate per hour is based on assessing all related expenses, including vehicle maintenance and fuel price.

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Updated Formula for Uber Eats Driver Pay

Uber Eats has recently modified its payment formula while adding the supplement income in the spring of 2020. The supplement tends to lower the base pay and provides the opportunity to earn for deliveries that do not have base pay.

Drivers receive reviews for their service on the Uber apps. These reviews have a mixed impact on their overall income. Some drivers have experienced a decline in their income while others have exponentially increased their profit. Uber is not transparent with its payment policy which makes the career unstable income source.

Using the Ubers Promotion to Earn More Money

As discussed earlier, Uber Eats offer two types of promotions: Surge and Boost. Uber drivers can earn more money per delivery in a specific area and specific types using the boost promotion.

Using the surge promotion, drivers earn more during peak hours and seasons when the demand surges. Drivers can see the high demand areas within the app marked in red along with the extra money they will be making when they make deliveries in the area.

Criteria for Becoming Uber Eats Driver

Having a vehicle is not compulsory to become an Uber Driver, unlike many of its competitors. The list below discusses the prerequisites of becoming an Uber driver.

Delivery by Car

Delivery by Car Uber Eats Driver

  • Must provide a social security number for background assessment
  • Must have updated valid driver’s license.
  • Must be above the minimum driver age.
  • If owning a vehicle, it must have two/four doors.

Delivery by Bicycle or Foot

  • Must have a social security number.
  • Must be 18 years or above.
  • Must have been governed by an issued identity card.

Delivery by Bike or Scooter

  • Must possess a motorized bike and scooter along with meeting all the above-discussed criteria.
  • While signing up as a driver, the driver should choose delivery by scooter in the app.

Pros and Cons of Uber Eats Driving


  • Flexibility to choose the medium of delivery.
  • Freedom of working in your convenient time slot.
  • When working with Uber Eats, the weekly income is directly transferred to your bank account.
  • Before delivery time, a driver can see how much they would earn from that delivery.
  • High-income potential using the Surge and Boost Promotion.


  • The average income of Uber Eats drivers is less than the national average.
  • Drivers seldom receive high income or only in peak season. In other words, the income source is not consistent.
  • The higher the frequency of delivery, the more would be maintenance costs.
  • If the driver uses old smartphones, it can seriously slow down their productivity due to glitches and bugs.

Are the Time and Money Worth Becoming an Uber Driver ?

Considering the hourly wage an Uber driver makes depending on several variable factors, is it worth making an effort?

One thing is clear, you won’t retire rich working as a driver, but it is a great side hustle for people trying to build something of their own and need money for investment.

Bear in mind, Uber cab drivers make considerably higher than Uber Eats drivers, with average fare income ranging between $11 to $16 per hour.

If you have made some financial goals and are looking for a low-key and more effortless way of reaching that goal, then becoming an Uber Eat Driver might be right.


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