November 30, 2021

How To Make a Sears Credit Card Payment

Sears card is a shopping credit card used only in Sears Shop or Kmart. It does not facilitate reward points but offers monthly deals or discounts on online as well as offline shopping from the respective stores. It also provides access to cardmember coupons and events.

Sears cards are offered by Sears department stores funded by Citibank. The shoppers are offered either an in-store card that works only in Sears or Kmart departmental shops or Sears Mastercard which can be used in any departmental store. Shoppers have the benefit of slowly repaying back the amount due on their card instead of making a one-time payment. Making payment through Sears credit card is a seamless and hassle-free process and can be executed through any of the processes discussed below.

Process of Sears Credit Card Payment

sears credit card payment

First Process

Shoppers have the benefit of shopping in Sears or Kmart department stores and make the payment through Sears credit card. They would have to bring their credit card bill as well as cash or check, whichever way they want to pay the outstanding amount. Shoppers can pay to any cashier or customer representative booth within the store.

Second Process

Shoppers can make the payment by visiting the Sears online store or website and logging into their account. Before initiating online payment, the customer will have to sign up for Sears online transaction account. If the customer has not signed up, they must do it for free before making the payment online. Upon successful registration, shoppers can conveniently pay their due amount online.

Third Process

The third process is to write a check on Sears Company and send it to their mailing address. The address is already specified outside the envelope with the credit card bill. In case the shopper faces difficulty in finding the address, they can fetch it from Citibank’s Sears Website. Shoppers must mention their account number on the memo section of the check.

Quick Tip

In case a customer needs to dispute their credit card payment, they must carry all the receipts while making the payment.

Paying Bills on Time

paying bills on time

To avoid paying late fees and negative credit ratings, customers must try to pay their bills on time. If the payment is made within the grace period, which is usually around 25 days for Sears cards, customers can avoid paying interest rates as well.

If for some reason, the person fails to pay the due amount within the specified date, a late fee of $29 dollars will be applied to the total outstanding amount. Failure to make payment more than once within six payment cycles can result in penalty charges of $40.  


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