November 12, 2019

Full List of Credit Cards That Issue Instant Card Number Upon Approval

How soon can you start using your new credit card (Instant Card Number) which just got approved totally depends upon the card issuer?

Applying for and approving a new card can take just several minutes, but it may take several days to receive the physical card on your home. According to the rule, you can purchase from your account only if you have a physical credit card.

But there are exceptions. Many co-branded credit cards, which are associations between a merchant and an issuing bank, allow you to instantly use your new line of credit with the merchant from whom you requested it. In rare cases, even some general-purpose credit cards issued by major issuers will give you instant access to your line of credit through an instant card number.

Here Is The List of Credit Cards That Issue Instant Card Numbers:

1. American Express

1. American Express

American Express is one of the best ways to get your credit card number immediately upon receiving the approval. You can request any AmEx card to receive this service. However, some customers report inconsistent results on how often the offer is available.

When you receive the offer, the online system will ask you if you want your Instant Card Number right away or not. Do not forget that this number is only temporary. Although the card number is likely to match the card number you receive by email, your CVC code and expiration date are likely to change.

Do not use it to set up an automatic billing service because you only need to change it when you activate your real card. If you do not receive an offer for an instant card number, you may receive a credit bonus on the next bank statement.

If you request a common American Express card, such as: For example, a Hilton card, you can only use this number with the common brand company. American Express must notify you of usage restrictions when you provide your instant card number.

Benefits of the American Express Credit Card

Member Rewards: American Express credit cards offer their customers membership rewards. Provides food stamps, gift cards and coupons, travel vouchers, coupons and jewellery coupons that can be redeemed for accumulated loyalty points.

The collected points can also be used for food, travel, fashion, and accessories as well as for electronic devices and purchased with accumulated points.

Cardholder Offers: American Express is associated with leading global brands that offer their customers attractive offers. The leading brands belong to all segments: food, medical care, travel, hotels, restaurants, outlets, etc.

Online Services: With the advent of the Internet, banking can be handled easily at your fingertips. American Express offers its customers easy access to its facilities through online services. The customer can pay the bill of the card, request an additional card, view the list of transactions, etc., and in a practical way online

Insurance: The American Express card is linked to certain insurance companies in India, including ICICI Lombard, Bharti AXA General Insurance and PNB MetLife India. It offers cardholders a variety of insurance services: travel insurance, car insurance, health insurance, accident insurance, and life insurance.

Why choose American Express credit cards?

American Express credit cards offer cardholders maximum support. It includes various features such as life offers, travel benefits, recovery points, a loyalty point exchange system and much more. international, which attracts the most valuable customers. The card is written keeping in mind the commitment of global customers.

2. Bank of America

2. Bank of America

Unfortunately, most Bank of America cards does not offer instant credit card numbers. Although there are pre-clearance reports which says you will receive an Instant Card Number if the credit card has been approved by Alaska Airlines B-A.

Alaska Airlines miles are one of the most valuable airline miles, thanks to a low-priced fare exchange table and a variety of airline partners, and you do not have to live in Alaska to make the most of it.

Alaska Airlines has offices in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Anchorage, as well as target cities in San Jose and San Diego. It serves 115 destinations in 35 states, Mexico, Canada, and Costa Rica. If you want to go further, Alaska Airlines offers excellent point-of-sale options with partner airlines that can take you anywhere in the world.

Best of all, after purchasing $ 2,000 worth of purchases within 90 days of opening the account, the Alaska Airlines Visa Signature Credit Card now offers a 40,000 miles sign-up bonus. If you use a paid fare, you will also receive a free Alaska Airlines fare of $ 121 ($ 99, taxes and charges starting at $ 22). This can save you hundreds of dollars and you will receive an additional charge on the anniversary of your account each year.

Earn with the Alaska Airlines Visa Signature Card

The rate of profit is one area in which this card actually exceeds the co-branding offers of other airlines. While most maps of the major US operators.

With Alaska Airlines’ Visa Signature card, which costs 2 miles per dollar on purchases in the air, you can save three times as much when buying from Alaska Airlines. In particular, given that TPG rates miles in Alaska at a very respectable price of 1.8 cents each, the company generates a fairly decent return on the airline.

If you travel to Alaska for work or pleasure frequently and want to increase your mileage, this card is an obvious option for airline purchases, even if you do not know, the American Express Platinum offers a great return on your purchases. Airfare purchased directly from an airline gives you 5 points. You can not transfer these points to Alaska. Depending on your travel priorities, this may, therefore, be a contentious issue.

You can transfer Marriott points in Alaska at a rate of 3: 1 (and receive a bonus of 5,000 miles to 60,000 points transferred), but Alaska is not affiliated with any of the other three major transferable points programs. The possibilities for miles earned are somewhat limited. In other words, you will probably use a different card for shopping outside of Alaska, as you can beat the card’s win rate of 1 mile per dollar.

Who is this card for?

Of course, this card only makes sense if you want to earn and spend miles in Alaska. This does not mean that you are limited to the Alaska Airlines route network, but you should at least ensure that partner airlines understand your travel plans correctly.

This card may also be useful if you do not have Alaska Airlines Elite status but want to try these Elite benefits. Since cardholders receive free checked-in luggage (with up to six other passengers on the same reservation) when traveling in Alaska, they save $ 25 per person per trip. You do not even have to pay for your ticket with the Alaska Card to take advantage of these benefits.

After all, this card has an annual fee of $ 75, which is low compared to many travel credit cards. Still, not everyone wants to spend every year to keep an open credit card. So you have to decide if it’s worth it.

3. Barclays


Barclays never offers instant card number. However, if you apply for an Uber Visa card directly through the Uber App, you can use it immediately to pay for your Uber purchases.

Uber, the first major passenger service to offer a co-branded credit card, has recently partnered with Barclays and Visa to offer rewards based on the specific consumption habits of its users.

Uber Visa Card offers a generous premium structure: 4% refund for every $ 1 spent on restaurants, takeaways and bars, including UberEATS; 3% refund on hotels, airline tickets and vacation homes; 2% refund on online purchases, including retailers and subscription services such as Uber and Netflix; and 1% refund on all other purchases. Each percentage/point has a value of 1 cent. Points can be redeemed directly in the app for cash, gift cards or Uber-credit.

Other cards may offer more attractive interest rates and annual percentage introductory rates, but only the rewards make the Visa Uber card a great option. And given the many benefits offered in addition to the rewards, such as online subscription purchases and mobile phone protection, this card will most certainly attract the attention of millennials and credit-resistant cardholders.

Advantages of Visa Uber Card

No annual fees: We like the fact that there are no annual fees, but this is quite common with cash-back credit cards. However, most refund cards in the popular categories do not offer a 4% or 3% refund, so the Uber Card is superior to many other free cards.

Profitable revenue structure: The Uber visa shines by offering you the best income for more expensive purchases (meals and travel purchases). A refund of 2% for online purchases and 1% for other purchases is the icing on the cake.

No transaction fees abroad: Some credit cards with refunds charge transaction fees abroad for purchases abroad. This is not the case, which makes it a solid option for international travel.

Bonus On Visa Card Registration Form

The Uber Visa Card entitles you to a $ 100 bonus if you make purchases totaling $ 500 in the first 90 days of your account.

We appreciate this bonus because it’s easy to earn: you only spend $ 167 a month for three consecutive months. However, some other cash-back cards offer a sign-up bonus of $ 150 for the same spend.

Earn points and rewards

You get a 4% refund if you go to dinner and eat Uber; a 3% refund for hotels, fares, and apartments; and a 2% refund on online purchases, including Uber purchases, transfer services, and travel. All other purchases made with your card will receive a 1% refund. The amount you can win in a category is unlimited.

The average US household spends $ 3365 a year on restaurants, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. With a win rate of 4%, this expense for dinner is just $ 135 in cash. In addition, if you spend thousands of dollars on travel each year, you’ll probably gain hundreds of extra profits thanks to the 3% refund for these purchases.

As long as your account is open and the credit card program is available, your points will never expire.

Redemption reward

With the Visa Uber Card, you can redeem rewards for cash (transferred to your bank), credit card, gift card or Uber Cash. (Uber Cash can be used to pay for travel and Uber Eats orders).

Each point earned earns 1 cent, which means you can redeem 5,000 points for $ 50 worth of rewards. Trading starts at 500 points (or $ 5) for Uber Cash, and all other trades start at 2,500 points (or $ 25).

4. Capital One

4. Capital One

Card issuers such as Capital One Venture Rewards and Capital One Savor Cash Rewards give you instant access to your card number and expiration date upon approval.

Who get most out of this card?

In the past, Venture Rewards has been the best for those who want to keep things simple, as until recently there were no transfer partners. However, as you can now transfer your miles to multiple airline programs, the appeal of the map changes a bit. It’s always a great option to use Miles to cancel travel purchases on your bank statement, without worrying about the complexity of many loyalty programs, but it’s also a great way to diversify your wallet. Loyalty and exchange them with some hidden treasure programs

For this reason, I believe there are two main groups of people who could benefit from this card. The first concerns newbies in the world of points and miles. If you learn to maximize the Capital One transfer partners on time for your next vacation, this is great. Otherwise, however, you can still use fixed conversion values.

The second group includes the most advanced travelers who want to put a card of a fixed value in their wallet. Even if you get free points for your flights and hotels, you can use a fixed value card that allows you to cancel other extras, such as car hire and perhaps even sightseeing, to help you make your trip as free as possible.

Registration Bonus: Value of $ 700

Capital One Venture Rewards includes a sign-up bonus of 50,000 miles after purchases of $ 3,000 in the first three months. With the transfer partners now available, Capital One Venture miles are not worth a penny or even needed. Instead, they are worth 1.4 cents, according to our ratings. We identified this number based on our analysis of the current pipeline of line transmission partners and the available exchange options. Taking that number into account, the $ 50,000 bonus is worth $ 700.

You can still redeem your miles for 1 cent each as a credit balance for your travel purchases. Although you can maximize your 50,000 bonus registration miles to receive more than $ 500, you do not have to. Jump into these tires if you do not want to. If you’re exchanging miles for bank statement credits, the sign-up bonus is worth $ 500. The annual fee of $ 95 for the card is waived in the first year. So, if it’s a card that suits you, you can get it, earn the registration bonus and test it for a year for free, if it meets your needs.

Main Advantages And Perks

One of the most valuable benefits of the Venture Rewards card is the 10x miles earned on hotel stays when you book at and pay with your Venture Rewards card. This 14% return (based on the GPT rating) is combined with’s existing loyalty program, which offers a free night for every 10 paid nights. Together, you will receive a 24% refund for your hotel nights. No other card, not even a fan favorite like Chase Sapphire Reserve, can keep up.

The Venture Rewards card is characterized by offering a registration fee for Global Entry or TSA PreCheck. Annual fees above $ 400 are over $ 400 for many other cards. The TSA / Global Entry Fee Balance is $ 100. Remember that you can pass this benefit on to a friend or family member when you do not need them. to you.

Venture Rewards

For regular travelers, the Venture Rewards card provides a decent visa-signed travel package, although it’s not the best on the market, including travel accident insurance of up to $ 250,000 and a refund of lost luggage up to $ 3,000 and second-insurance coverage along with car rental.

With your daily purchases, you also benefit from an extended warranty that doubles the manufacturer’s warranty for up to one more year for guarantees of three years or less, up to $ 10,000 per incident and $ 50,000 per cardholder. You will also receive a purchase guarantee that will replace, repair or reimburse your purchases for theft or damage within 90 days of the date of purchase, up to $ 500 per claim and total of $ 50,000 per cardholder.

For international travelers, Venture Rewards does not charge any transaction fees abroad. You can, therefore, use the card abroad at no extra cost just because you are abroad. And Capital One recently introduced a Metal version of this card, which you will receive automatically when you become a new cardholder.

5. Costco Credit Card

5. Costco Credit Card

If you are already a member of Costco or have thought of becoming a member, you will be able to access it immediately once approved. However, you need to ask the store for immediate access. With your paid Costco subscription, there is no annual fee that can only be used in the store.

In addition to the number, you will receive a barcode that can be scanned into the box. This is also a great option for business owners who need help managing their cash flow and need restaurant supplies or even state-of-the-art equipment such as a new laptop or Printer.

It’s a perfect card for people who already shop at Costco

If you live near a Costco and already have a subscription, the new Costco credit card is absolutely obvious. While the new Costco credit card does not come with a sign-up bonus, it offers a surprising 4% cash refund on your first $ 7,000 spent at gas stations around the world and a 3% refund on meals. and select purchases and get a 2% refund on all other Costco purchases.

As a Visa card, this card can also be used wherever Visa is accepted. For all purchases that are not in one of the “bonus categories”, you will receive a 1% refund by default. No matter how you look at it, it’s not bad at all.

If you already have a Costco subscription that costs about $ 60 and you already buy a lot, you can save a lot of money by subscribing to the new Costco card. If you drive a lot and maximize fuel consumption, for example, you will receive a cash discount of $ 280 per year. And if there’s a lot of food and essentials at Costco, you can earn much more with ease.

For example, suppose you spend about $ 1,000 a month on food, toiletries, and personal care products at Costco. At the end of the year, you will receive $ 240 worth of additional bonuses, all to buy items you would have bought anyway. It’s nice to use the Costco Rewards credit card.

Benefits of the new Costco Visa card

  • With the new Costco credit card, you get 4% cashback on your first purchases of $ 7,000 a year. This represents an increase of 3% over the previous version of the card.
  • Costco’s new credit card offers a 3% refund on travel and grocery purchases, including international meals! The old American Express version of this card offered only 2% and excluded restaurants abroad.
  • All other Costco purchases made with the new card will receive 2%, an improvement of 1% over the previous version of the card.



Members of the armed forces and their families can become USAA members and apply for a USAA credit card. In this case, you will automatically receive your Instant Card Number, CVC code, and expiration date.

You may only spend $ 1,000 with this information and then reach the limit of your credit as soon as your physical card is sent by post. You have a rewards program and there is no annual fee for credit cards that you can choose.

The USAA Visa Signature Rewards card offers a one-point reward system for every dollar spent. Without rotation or bonus categories, cardholders can earn unlimited points for daily purchases. You can start earning your bonuses immediately with 2,500 bonus points on your first purchase.

Once you’ve earned enough points, you can redeem them for multiple rewards. These include goods, travel, donations to military groups, gift cards or money. Each category has a different minimum of points that you need to start trading. With USAA, you can easily check and use your points on the go on any computer or mobile device.

Reward system

In addition to a fairly robust reward system, the USAA Visa Signature Rewards card is offered with no penalty or annual interest. In addition, the card offers special advantages of Visa Signature. This title gives the card and you extended warranties for your purchases, travel and emergency assistance, the refund of lost luggage and so on.

The card also offers a number of benefits to cardholders of service members and their family members. If you need to join active military service, you will receive an annual 4% interest on your current balance for the remainder of your active service. Then the normal annual interest rate is activated with a variable of 11.90% to 27.90%.

USAA continues to seek its members in the army. They will refund the purchases on the card during a qualified military campaign. The USAA also provides service members with a team of experts to help them with their finances before, during and after their assignment.

Main features

  • No annual fee: are you not a fan of credit card fees? Do not worry here. There is no annual fee for the USAA Visa Signature Rewards Card.
  • No transaction fees abroad: All purchases outside the United States of America. They are manufactured at no extra cost and are therefore ideal for traveling members.
  • Easily redeem rewards: You can easily redeem your rewards with your mobile device or computer.
  • Identity Theft Support: USAA provides identity theft intelligence services to help you with identity theft. If your identity is stolen, you are not responsible for unauthorized purchases.
  • Comprehensive insurance: The card comes with a protective cover that covers property damage and theft of most rental vehicles.
  • Extended Warranty: This benefit gives you a one-year extension to the manufacturer’s warranty or business warranty when you purchase an item with your card.
  • Special Military Benefits: If you have a balance on your account when joining active military service. You will receive an APR of 4% off your current balance for the remainder of your active service.
  • Benefits of Visa Signature: As a Visa Signature card, this card also includes travel and emergency assistance, lost luggage, concierge and custom clearance.

Who can get the most benefits from the USAA Signature Signature Visa Card

Please note that only USAA members can apply for the USAA Rewards Visa Signature Card. In other words, almost all USAA members could benefit from this card because it simply earns points and offers a wide range of rewards.

The card has no annual fee. So if the annual instalments are not attractive or not profitable for you, this card works well. The card also works like a simple reward card, a card that can be combined with a larger reward card.

Almost all of her purchases earn her one point for every dollar spent. making her rides to the grocery store very rewarding. These qualities, especially in connection with the absence of transaction fees abroad, can genuinely benefit USAAC members in the active service and their families.

7. First Nation Bank of Omaha

7. First Nation Bank of Omaha

Stuck in Vegas with no cash left in your pocket? I hope this is not your case, but you can get FNBO Instant Card Number at the M Life counter of an MGM complex.

They can print the information on your card so that you have that extra funding if you need it. Just make sure you continue to play slot machines when you leave.

The FNBO Cash Back Visa Card is a First National Bank of Omaha credit card with good reimbursement rates. Within the first six months after receiving the card you will receive a 3% refund. Then the refund rate is 2%. It is above average. The other functions of the card, however, are somewhat expensive for consumers.

The minimum APR for purchases and remittances is correct. However, the maximum annual interest rate is not profitable at a rate of 25.99%. The minimum payout of cash advances and balance transfers is also high. You pay 15 USD in cash and 10 USD for the balance (minimum). The maximum payment for both is 5% and is also a high rate. 3% for every transaction abroad makes this card expensive.

Do Storage Credit Cards Issue Instant Card Number Upon Approval?

Many popular stores offer their own credit cards. Some have the common brands Visa, Mastercard, and American Express, while others may only be used in this particular business.

Comenity Bank is a popular credit card company that owns the trademark. And some of your credit cards will not even care about your credit report! We have the full list of Comenity Bank credit cards, including the easiest credit cards to approve.

Some of these cards also offer instant discounts if your loyalty card is approved and used for same-day purchases. Target RedCard is one such example that you can save 5% on all Target purchases. And also provide a temporary Instant Card Number upon approval.

Other businesses do not even require you to have physical or temporary card information with them. Best Buy and Macy’s can search your credit card information by providing certain personal information, such as a driver’s license and / or a social security number. Surprisingly, Cabela will issue your permanent physical card with permission when you contact the store.

In general, business cards can be extremely useful when large purchases are required at these particular retailers. It is always important to understand whether these cards can be used elsewhere or are restricted to a specific business.


When you ask for a credit card, you do not have to wait a week or two to see your card before you can use it. If you browse previous credit card offerings. And focus on those that are most likely to get approved immediately, you can instantly access your credit card.

Be careful if you have to do something special to get the information from your card or if there are restrictions on your spending. Now you can prepare yourself if you are in financial distress or simply want to take advantage of cardholder benefits. Let me know in the comments section below if you have any queries or suggestions related to this article. And if you know more credit cards that issue instant card number please let us know.


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