October 26, 2020
What is cheapest time to book a flight

What is Cheapest Time To Book Flight? 

Travelling is one such hobby that most people have. The term “wanderlust” can be found in most people’s bio on their Instagram accounts. Travel as a field has a great history attached to it. It was through travelling that Christopher Columbus discovered America, Vasco Da Gama discovered India.

The list will go on and on if one starts thinking on traveling incidences which made history and left an impact for generations to see. The blog industry had majorly evolved because of travel. There is a whole new area termed as “travel blogging” which is emerging every passing day. Thus is the significance of travel. Not only this, travel makes you earn money as well if done wisely!

Who doesn’t like traveling for free of cost or at a low cost? Companies and other travel agencies book the tickets well in advance for their employees or clients, respectively to travel without the stress of burning a hole in the pocket. The reason why travelling has become a daily activity for most of the bloggers, corporates and wanderlusts is that they know the trick of saving money in this game of travel big and spend small.

Booking Flight Tickets:

Booking Flight Tickets

The major concern occurs when everything decides, plan, and sort, but the flight fare rises. No matter how rich someone is, they will always try to save money to travel. Every manager of a celebrity, assistants of C-suite execs, employees, or travel managers themselves try to book flight tickets which are the cheapest and cost-friendly. As difficult as it may look like, booking a flight ticket can be a cakewalk if done at the right time.

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Book On Low-Frequency Days:

The days in a week that comprise of less traffic on booking website due to less demand are Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. These are the days where in the demand for the flights are comparatively less and hence the fares are low.

As soon as the week starts, the traffic on the site increases tremendously. This could be due to many reasons. One such being employees traveling for business meetings. The rate of booking falls on Tuesday as research suggests that those traveling on Tuesday are less in number.

Book At The Right Time:

Booking for your destination at a perfect time can help you reduce your costs drastically. It’s been observed that on Tuesdays at 3pm the flight prices are at a cheaper cost. The reason behind this is that those traveling for meetings generally leave in the first half of the day, leaving the afternoon slot comparatively empty.

This allows booking at a reasonable cost. One thing to be kept in mind while doing the booking is that the timing factor shouldn’t be missed even by a second. In less than one second the site page shows the change of rates. Hence it is said to follow discipline while booking the flight ticket.

Consider SEO Factors:

Consider SEO factors

It has been observed that if a person lands on the same page twice or thrice, the rates tend to go up. This is because the web crawler recognizes that the person is quite interested in booking and is in urgent need.

On the other hand, when a person lands on the page site only once, the price tends to remain normal. Flight fares are like the stock market. No one can actually predict it.

Those who smartly make a  move, ace the game. Those who don’t eventually burn a hole in the pocket. The fares keep on fluctuating each min based on the activity of an individual on the site. Hence it suggests by researchers to check a specific site only once through a particular device.

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Usage of The Incognito Mode:

Using incognito mode is an option to remain in safe hands. For those who do not want to run errands searching for the best fare and have to just choose from a particular trusted site. They can search via the incognito mode.

Regardless of the number of times one searches for the same site on incognito mode, the price will remain the same. This is leverage to all the wanderlusts who need to book flight urgently by comparing the same site multiple times and just in time.

Airline Credit Card:

Airline credit card

If someone is registered as a member of a particular airline. They add benefits which include the booking of a flight ticket. Members get the airline credit card which offers perks to the cardholders and gives them a leg up over the others. If someone is a frequent flyer of a particular airline, they enjoy the privilege of boarding earlier, carrying extra luggage, discounts on airfare, and many more.

Register On Online Booking Sites:

If you register through sites like making my trip, the flight deal, secret flying offer, goibibo you get notified whenever the deal is up on the site. This will help you be alert as to when the deals are going on the site and when is it that it is the high price. Booking sites send messages which are user-friendly and suggestive in nature.

They act as a guide to the user for booking a ticket. The combined efforts of the human brain and booking site allow us to make a proper decision. Since the sites are industry oriented, they can fairly speculate when the fare is going to go high or low. And as soon as they get their prediction right, within a minute or so a mail or a message is sent to everyone registered.

Get a Financial Advisor or a Booking Agent:

Normally people who go on vacations prefer booking through agents as they provide a variety of options at a good price. Travel agents like Thomas Cook, Expedia, Kesari Tours are known to be the major players in the travel industry. Booking personally can get you in trouble at times since you do not have the knowledge of the subject. But dealing with someone in the industry who has experienced networks can help you leverage their contacts and make your trip book at a reasonable price.

There are some financial advisors who look into their personal networks and offer you discounts on the price tickets. Then there are people who buy the flight tickets in bulk and then sell it off. It’s upon you whom to go with. Everything is well assured if you have someone making the booking for you who has been in the industry for a good amount of time.


Thus these are the tips and tricks which one can use to book flight tickets at a cheaper price and spend the budget amount on enjoying the trip with having some delicious food and shopping with a fulfilling heart.

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