November 30, 2021

31 Best Startup Business Ideas to Make Money in 2021

Most people who are searching for successful startup business ideas need to know about a few basic things before starting. It all begins with a unique idea. Along with that, the entrepreneur needs to have the adequate eagerness, and must also find the appropriate and available market. 

To begin with, the identification of the right idea for a startup is the primary and initial step towards success. With the right idea, not only will the business be up and running, but will also ensure long term sustainability. 

That being said, we all know that there is no shortage of ideas when it comes to startup businesses. Different ideas range across different industries and markets. Quite naturally, making a choice, that too the right one, is challenging and indeed complicated. This is why we thought of making the job easier for all the budding entrepreneurs out there. If it comes to looking for startup ideas that work, we have listed 31 of them.

In the next part of this article, you will read about the 31 best startup business ideas that will help you make money in 2021. Let us take a look at this list of ideas. 

Top Startup Business Ideas in 2021

Simple, low-cost ideas can yield incredible success in the longer run. That is what successful entrepreneurship is all about. If you are looking to start up your venture anytime soon, here are the top trending startup ideas that can help you make money in 2021. 

1. Dropshipping


Dropshipping is a simple startup idea that is scalable and all you need is very limited capital investment. It is one of the best businesses to start in 2021 where a third-party provider will store and send products on your behalf. All you need to do is simply generate sales and transfer orders to the supplier. 

2. Printed T-shirts and Accessories 

Another great idea for a business in 2021 is creating printed t-shirts and other accessories like mobile covers, hoodies, and a lot more. All you need to do is create the designs, prepare the product and then sell them to a third party supplier. You can also use eCommerce platforms like Upwork, 99Designs and Fiverr. 

3. Digital Products and Courses

The digital market is one such platform that offers endless opportunities to modern entrepreneurs looking for a head start. If it comes to a business idea that works, selling digital products and online courses is something that can grow exponentially. 

People who have specialized knowledge in certain fields and professionals with specialized skills can start teaching online classes. You can also make educational content or tutorials in video or other suitable formats. Platforms like Udemy and YouTube can be perfect for selling such content. 

4. Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant Startup Business

In modern times, entrepreneurs are looking for assistants who can help with their daily tasks. Virtual assistance is a growing field and you can find a lot of opportunities in the field. All you have to do is have the right skills that the company is looking for and assist them remotely to get paid. 

5. Chatbot Development

Chatbots are a modern technological invention that is being used by major firms and even smaller ones across the globe. Primarily used for communication assistance, you can start developing chatbots and approach businesses that might need such products. The best part about this is that you need basic IT knowledge and not advanced coding skills to excel in the field. 

6. Web Development

Web Development

With platforms like WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, etc. you do not need advanced skills to become a developer. With the digital revolution at its peak, web development is a field that offers a lot of opportunities. It is a great idea if you want to start making money in 2021.

7. Become a Resume Writer

Resume writing is something that is widely demanded all across the globe. People need a resume but do not have the skills to prepare it well. With knowledge about resume formats, you can help craft the perfect resume for them. All you need to do is offer them your services and you do not need any startup capital. 

8. Sell Handcrafted Homemade Goods

Handcrafted Homemade

If you need a business startup idea in 2021 that requires minimum capital, then this is a perfect one for you. Numerous handcrafted items can be made at home like soaps, candles, pottery, jewellery, etc. Research about what sells in your target market, know what you are good at and start making such products. Simply market your products online through your website and social media platforms.

9. Event Planning Company

Event planning and management can be a profitable business idea in 2021. With the world slowly recovering from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, events like weddings, charities, etc. are once again setting off. With minimum capital investment, an event planning service company in your local area can be a great success considering you have good contacts. 

10. Content Editing 

The surefire way for grammar nazis, if you are good at spotting grammatical errors, typing mistakes and poor sentence structuring in any form of written content, then content editing and proofreading is the venture you want to start with. You can offer these services to numerous businesses and professionals looking for them.

11. Graphic Designing

An attractive logo makes a huge difference for a business and most business owners know that in today’s time. If you have the right technical skills and are good at designing logos, websites, and blog images, then graphic designing can earn you a lot. Simply build your portfolio and approach companies that need graphic design support for different kinds of projects.

12. Custom Clothing Business

The custom clothing industry has gained considerable momentum in today’s time. If you have the skills then getting into the custom clothing business can earn you great profits. 

13. Blogging

Blogger job

Blogging is not going out of trend anytime soon. Having a blog can help you make money in 2021 and the near future. Create and share useful and inspirational content for the target audience and your blog will grow in no time. Choose a field that you are good at or have considerable knowledge in. You can also make money with the help of affiliate marketing or advertising.

14. Online Coaching

Becoming an educator might just be one of the best and exciting ways to make money in 2021. If you are good at something, all you need to do is simply invest time, create content and then simply push the content on platforms like YouTube. Choose the topic you are good at and start talking about it. You can also become a life coach.

15. Website Flipping

A simple yet very effective way to earn money is website flipping. For this, you will have to buy a website, then redesign and improve its content, and then sell it at a higher price. 

16. Digital Marketing Consultancy

A digital marketing consultancy can be an excellent startup business idea in 2021. With a growing digital market, small business ideas across the globe are trying to increase their online presence and reach. You can help such businesses through different kinds of services like SEO, copywriting and professional social media marketing. The right knowledge and marketing skills can help you become successful.

17. Virtual Reality Experiences

The VR industry is projected to grow to a value of over $44.7 billion by 2024. While the VR experience business would need some capital investment, it is going to grow and succeed shortly. Although to establish a virtual reality business, you will have to know about the market and the competition before you select a premise. An ideal location, a good content library and VR gear can help your VR business take off. 

18. Interior Designing for Young Homeowners

While a lot of young homeowners want their houses to look attractive and elegant, they cannot always afford high-end interior designing services. You can start a business offering interior design services to such young homeowners who are looking for interior designing services at a lower cost.

19. Food Truck 

Food delivery option

If cooking is your thing and you do not have the capital to invest in a restaurant, a food truck can be the perfect startup idea in 2021. Simply buy or even hire a food truck, cook delicious dishes and sell them on the go.

20. Affiliate Marketing Program

Affiliate marketing is an ever-growing field and you have the time and energy to invest in it, you can earn some money. A lot of online stores offer affiliate marketing programs on their products. 

If you have a considerable following on your social media page, or if you are an established influencer/micro-influencer, then you can earn attractive commissions through such programs. Get the product affiliate link from the company and advertise such products on your page. You earn a commission every time someone purchases a product through that link.

21. Accountant

Accountant startup business

If you are in the field of accounting, you can offer your services for a price. The online platform is a great place to illustrate your services and present them to a target audience. From balance sheets to income statements, tax accounting, and a lot more, you can offer such services to both small firms as well as solo professionals looking for accounting services in your local area or elsewhere. 

22. E-commerce Business: Best idea for Startup Business

An e-commerce website along with a mobile and web application can be a perfect startup business idea in 2021. The field of e-commerce is steadily growing and people are preferring online stores. Such online stores can transform into a successful eCommerce business in no time if you employ the right techniques and marketing strategies.

23. Taxi Booking Service 

While this idea might be a little costly, it is sure to deliver lucrative profits in the longer run. The online taxi market is huge and there are only a counted number of providers. If you want to capitalize on the market to earn some profits, simply start in your local area and then expand further. 

24. Video Editing

While video creation is one great startup idea, another excellent one is video editing and it is very rewarding as well. If you have the resources, skills and time, then with a little research you will be surprised to know how many people and companies are looking for video editing services in 2021. Simply offer them such services to earn money. 

25. Translation services

Globalization is at its peak and with a confluence of cultures and languages across the globe, translation is a demanded service. If you know or speak two or more languages, a translation business can help you monetize your skills. 

26. Home-based Catering Services

Monetize your culinary skills from the comforts of your home kitchen. A home-based catering business requires little initial investment and can grow exponentially with the right marketing techniques and by serving delicious food. Think of experimenting with local food markets, join popular food platforms and take your business to heights of success. 

27. Content Writing

There’s no end to the content writing industry as long as the digital market is existent. If you have great skills at writing, there cannot be a better way to earn money than by starting up a content writing venture. Numerous businesses across the globe search for content and copywriting services. Research and connect with such businesses and sell your services at great prices.

28. Career Coaching

Career coaching is an excellent idea for a modern startup. A lot of young kids look for guidance when it comes to advancing their careers. If you have good oratory skills and can convincingly make statements, then you can start with such an idea. It must also be mentioned that you need to have the right knowledge and skills as there is a lot at stake in this field.

29. Life Coaching

Another very popular business idea in today’s time is life coaching. You can find numerous life coaches on different social media platforms. You can also become one if you have good knowledge in philosophy along with good skills at giving speeches. Create videos, market your videos and grow your audience base. After this, you can charge your audience to attend your life coaching sessions.

30. Video Production 

video production

According to statistics, 85% of Internet users watch videos on their devices. The market for videos is extensive and ever-growing and with a little capital investment, a video production venture can be started and led to success. All you need are skills to record, edit and create videos that are attractive and engaging and you can also hire professionals with specialized skills.

31. Virtual Dance Studio

Skilled at dancing? You can start a virtual dance studio to monetize your skills. Although you would first need to properly market and advertise the studio so that it achieves popularity. After that, as you start getting more participants, there will be no looking back! 

Final Thoughts

That brings us to the end of the list of the best startup ideas in 2021. All that being said, to achieve success in any of these fields, remember that you need to be consistent and hardworking. No matter what idea you choose and act on, with hard work, consistency and smart investments, you can gain success with your ventures.


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